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At the young age of 15, I started push mowing lawns in the community I was living in. This lead to my developing of a passion for maintaining turf and landscapes. I knew at that point that this was my calling. I went to work for a premier landscape company in the Charlotte area. I started as a laborer and quickly worked my way into management. During this chapter, I always knew and felt that I was meant to own my own landscape company.

Additionally, I am a native to Charlotte. I am family-oriented and love spending time with my wife and three sons. I enjoy playing golf, whether it be just hitting some balls at the driving range with the family or playing a round. I also enjoy spending time with friends and my extended family who thankfully live close by.

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Our Services

Lawn Care

Regular mowing and trimming of the lawn will keep it looking neat while fertilizing and weed control can help promote healthy grass growth and prevent weeds from taking over.


Pruning helps to keep plants healthy and looking their best, removing dead or diseased branches, controlling the height and spread of plants, and improving the overall look of a landscape.

Mulch Installation

Our mulch installation services are a great way to add beauty and value to your property. It keeps moisture in the soil, reduces weeds, and keeps your landscape looking fresh and vibrant.


Professional landscapers can provide a variety of services such as planting, maintaining gardens and lawns, installing walkways, patios, retaining walls, and trimming trees and shrubs.

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Derrick, C

Wes has used his turf management knowledge and skill to turn my lawn around in less than a year, after a different landscaper left me with a lawn full of weeds. Wes is diligent and professional.

Sunny, C

Called Deaton because my shrubs were out of control they did a great job trimming every thing up and making things look good. Would recommend for any lawn or landscaping needs.

Kevin, L

Wes did a great job and was very professional while doing it. He did exactly what he said when he said. Very professional and worked very hard. High quality of work. He was very helpful with ideas.

Bob, W

Wes waste no time in doing a great job. My lawn is tough with plenty of terrain change but he knows how to handle it. Thanks Wes, I appreciate what you do. Would highly recommend!

Pam, H

Deaton turf management is a great lawn service This company is professional, punctual, and responsive to all your concerns I would recommend this company if you are looking for a great quality of lawn care.

Joe, B

We have been very happy with the work done by Deaton turf management. They have always been prompt and professional, and our lawn has never looked better. We highly recommend them.

We Deliver The Best

Pruning Services in Mt Holly, NC

Deaton Turf Management offers professional pruning services that are designed to keep your yard looking healthy and attractive. Our pruning services are conducted by trained professionals who understand the proper techniques for pruning various types of trees and shrubs. When you choose our pruning services, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your landscape to determine which trees and shrubs require pruning. We will then develop a customized pruning plan that is tailored to the unique needs of your yard.

Our pruning services include the removal of dead or diseased branches, as well as the shaping and trimming of trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth and enhance their natural beauty. We use only the highest-quality pruning tools to ensure that your trees and shrubs are pruned safely and effectively. If you’re looking for professional pruning services that will help keep your yard looking its best, look no further than Deaton Turf Management. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our pruning services.


Enhances plant health by removing dead or diseased branches.

Encourages strong and healthy growth by stimulating new bud formation.

Enhances the appearance of your yard by giving it a neat and tidy look.

Reduces the risk of breakage from heavy branches or limbs.

Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is a necessary task that involves trimming back overgrown or damaged branches on bushes and shrubs. Shrub pruning is an essential maintenance activity that is beneficial for your yard because it promotes healthy growth, improves the appearance of your shrubs, and prevents the spread of diseases. When you prune your shrubs regularly, you help them develop a strong structure.

Increase your shrub’s overall lifespan, and reduce the risk of damage from wind, rain, or snow. Moreover,  shrub pruning can stimulate the growth of new branches, which can result in more foliage, flowers, and seed production. Overall, shrub pruning is an important part of yard maintenance that can improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Increases sun exposure

Enhances air circulation

Increases safety

Reduces pest infestations

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing certain parts of a tree, such as branches, limbs, or buds, to promote healthy growth, improve the tree’s structure, and enhance its appearance. Pruning is necessary to maintain the health and longevity of trees, as it can remove diseased or damaged branches and prevent the spread of pests or diseases.

Tree pruning can increase the amount of sunlight and air that reaches the tree’s foliage, promoting photosynthesis and improving overall growth. Pruning is also important for safety reasons, as it can remove branches that pose a risk of falling and causing damage during high winds or heavy snowfall. Overall, tree pruning can help maintain the health, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Our Services Include

Experts Pruning Services You Can Count On

Lawn trimming services involve cutting a clean edge along the perimeter of your lawn to separate it from surrounding flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways. In addition to improving the appearance of your lawn, lawn trimming can also help to prevent grass from encroaching into flower beds and other areas, reducing the amount of time and effort you need to spend on lawn maintenance. Lawn trimming can also promote even growth and healthy development of your grass by removing overgrown or damaged grass blades.

At Deaton Turf Management, we offer customized lawn trimming services that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a neat, manicured look or a more natural, organic look, we can provide the level of service that you require. Lawn trimming services involve cutting a clean edge along the perimeter of your lawn to separate it from surrounding flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways. In addition to improving the appearance of your lawn, lawn trimming can also help to prevent grass from encroaching into flower beds and other areas, reducing the amount of time and effort you need to spend on lawn maintenance. 

Ensures that trees are properly spaced and shaped.

Makes regular pruning easier and more manageable.

Promotes strong and sturdy structures in trees and shrubs.

Reduces the risk of pests and diseases by removing affected branches.


Deadheading is a pruning technique that involves removing the spent blooms or flowers from a plant, often with a pair of pruning shears or simply by pinching them off with your fingers. Deadheading is essential for promoting further blooming and prolonging the flowering period of many plants, such as annuals, perennials, and shrubs. By removing the dead blooms, the plant can redirect its energy toward producing new growth and additional flowers.

Additionally, deadheading can improve the overall appearance of the plant by removing wilted or unsightly blooms, giving it a neat and tidy appearance. Overall, deadheading is a simple but effective technique that can enhance the beauty of your garden and keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

Promotes flowering

Improves the appearance

Removes weak branches

Promotes healthy growth

Canopy lifting

Canopy lifting is a pruning technique that involves selectively removing lower branches from trees to increase clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, or other structures below. This technique is particularly useful for trees that are located near driveways, sidewalks, or buildings, where lowhanging branches can be a safety hazard or cause damage. By lifting the tree‘s canopy, more sunlight and air can penetrate through the tree‘s foliage, promoting healthy growth and overall tree health.

Canopy lifting can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard by creating a cleaner, more open look. Canopy lifting is a valuable pruning technique that can help maintain the safety and beauty of your yard and can help promote healthy growth by allowing more sunlight and air to enter the tree’s foliage.

We Deliver The Best

Pruning Near Me

At Deaton Turf Management, we offer a comprehensive pruning service that can enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and equipment necessary to handle all of your pruning needs, from bushes and shrubs to trees of all sizes. Our pruning services offer a range of benefits to homeowners. By removing diseased or damaged branches, we can improve the overall health of your plants, prevent the spread of disease, and increase their lifespan. Additionally, our pruning techniques can stimulate new growth and promote more foliage, flowers, or fruit production, creating a vibrant and lush landscape.

Our pruning services can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard, shaping your plants to complement the architecture of your home and creating a more polished and attractive appearance. Our expert team can provide valuable advice and recommendations on how to maintain the health and beauty of your plants, ensuring that your landscape remains healthy and vibrant for years to come. With our pruning services, you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained landscape that you can be proud of.

Helps train plants to grow in desired shapes and sizes.

Opens up the canopy for better air circulation and light penetration.

Reduces competition between branches for nutrients and water.

Enhances the overall appearance of the landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pruning and trimming?

Pruning involves selectively removing branches or foliage from a plant to enhance its health and appearance, while trimming typically involves cutting back foliage to shape or maintain its size.

Will pruning hurt my trees or shrubs?

The frequency of lawn mowing depends on several factors, such as the grass type, weather conditions, and the season. Generally, we recommend mowing your lawn once a week during the growing season to maintain its health and appearance.

What should I expect during a pruning service?

Our pruning service typically involves a consultation with one of our experts to assess your plants’ specific needs, followed by the careful and selective removal of branches or foliage to promote healthy growth and enhance the plant’s appearance.

How often should I prune my trees and shrubs?

The frequency of pruning depends on the type of plant and its growth rate, as well as your specific landscaping goals. As a general rule, most plants benefit from annual pruning.

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