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At the young age of 15, I started push mowing lawns in the community I was living in. This lead to my developing of a passion for maintaining turf and landscapes. I knew at that point that this was my calling. I went to work for a premier landscape company in the Charlotte area. I started as a laborer and quickly worked my way into management. During this chapter, I always knew and felt that I was meant to own my own landscape company.

Additionally, I am a native to Charlotte. I am family-oriented and love spending time with my wife and three sons. I enjoy playing golf, whether it be just hitting some balls at the driving range with the family or playing a round. I also enjoy spending time with friends and my extended family who thankfully live close by.

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Our Services

Lawn Care

Regular mowing and trimming of the lawn will keep it looking neat while fertilizing and weed control can help promote healthy grass growth and prevent weeds from taking over.


Pruning helps to keep plants healthy and looking their best, removing dead or diseased branches, controlling the height and spread of plants, and improving the overall look of a landscape.

Mulch Installation

Our mulch installation services are a great way to add beauty and value to your property. It keeps moisture in the soil, reduces weeds, and keeps your landscape looking fresh and vibrant.


Professional landscapers can provide a variety of services such as planting, maintaining gardens and lawns, installing walkways, patios, retaining walls, and trimming trees and shrubs.

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Derrick, C

Wes has used his turf management knowledge and skill to turn my lawn around in less than a year, after a different landscaper left me with a lawn full of weeds. Wes is diligent and professional.

Sunny, C

Called Deaton because my shrubs were out of control they did a great job trimming every thing up and making things look good. Would recommend for any lawn or landscaping needs.

Kevin, L

Wes did a great job and was very professional while doing it. He did exactly what he said when he said. Very professional and worked very hard. High quality of work. He was very helpful with ideas.

Bob, W

Wes waste no time in doing a great job. My lawn is tough with plenty of terrain change but he knows how to handle it. Thanks Wes, I appreciate what you do. Would highly recommend!

Pam, H

Deaton turf management is a great lawn service This company is professional, punctual, and responsive to all your concerns I would recommend this company if you are looking for a great quality of lawn care.

Joe, B

We have been very happy with the work done by Deaton turf management. They have always been prompt and professional, and our lawn has never looked better. We highly recommend them.

We Deliver The Best

Mulch Installation Services in Mt Holly, NC

Deaton Turf Management offers professional mulch installation services to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy. Mulch is an essential part of any yard maintenance routine, as it helps to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and promote healthy plant growth. When you choose our mulch installation services, our team of experienced professionals will help you select the best mulch for your yard and ensure that it is installed properly. We offer a variety of mulch options, including natural wood, recycled wood, and rubber mulch. Our team will take into account your specific needs and preferences, as well as the type of plants you have, to help you choose the right mulch for your yard.

Our mulch installation process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free.In addition to our expert mulch installation services, we also offer valuable advice and recommendations on how to maintain your landscape after the mulch has been installed. With our mulch installation services, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy landscape that enhances the beauty and value of your property. Contact us today to schedule your mulch consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Suppresses weed growth.

Increases moisture retention in soil.

Provides insulation for plants in cold climates.

Enhances the aesthetic appeal of a garden or landscape.

Site preparation

Site preparation is an essential step in our mulch installation services. Before we can install new mulch, we need to ensure that the area is clear of any debris, weeds, or old mulch. This is important to ensure that the new mulch is applied evenly and at the proper depth to provide maximum benefits to your plants.

We will also evaluate the slope and drainage of the area to ensure that water will be able to flow properly after the mulch is installed. By properly preparing the site before mulch installation, we can help to promote healthy plant growth and ensure that your yard looks beautiful and well-maintained.

Improved Mulch Performance

Improved Soil Health

Environmentally Friendly

minimize weed growth

Material selection

Choosing the right material for your mulch installation is crucial to ensuring the health and beauty of your yard. At Deaton Turf Management, we offer a variety of mulch options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our team will take into account the type of plants you have, the location of your yard, and your desired aesthetic to help you select the best mulch material for your property.

We offer natural wood, recycled wood, and rubber mulch options, all of which have unique benefits and characteristics. By selecting the right mulch material, we can help to promote healthy plant growth, suppress weeds, and retain moisture for a vibrant and beautiful yard.

Our Services Include

#1 Pinestraw Installation Services

At Deaton Turf Management, we offer high-quality pine straw installation services that provide a range of unique benefits. Our pine straw is carefully sourced and selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality, and our team has the expertise and experience needed to install it properly and efficiently. By choosing our pine straw installation services, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including improved soil health, reduced weed growth, and enhanced landscape aesthetics. We take great care to minimize any disruption to your property during installation.

Our team is experienced and professional, and we take great care to protect your existing landscape features and property while installing your pine straw. We also work efficiently and effectively to minimize any inconvenience to you or your family. If you want to enjoy a beautiful and healthy property that adds value to your property, pine straw installation is a must. At Deaton Turf Management, we offer high-quality pine straw installation services that provide a range of unique benefits, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. 

Reduces the growth of fungal diseases.

Attracts beneficial insects.

Increases soil microbial activity.

Reduces the need for pesticides.

Delivery and distribution

At Deaton Turf Management, we understand that the delivery and distribution of your mulch is a crucial aspect of our installation services. We take great care to ensure that your mulch is delivered promptly and distributed evenly throughout your yard. Our team will work closely with you to schedule a convenient delivery time that fits your schedule.

Once the mulch has arrived, we will carefully distribute it throughout your yard, taking care to apply it at the proper depth to provide maximum benefits to your plants. By efficiently and effectively distributing your mulch, we can help to create a beautiful and healthy landscape that enhances the value and beauty of your property.

saves time and effort

improving moisture retention

Reduced Erosion

Aesthetically Pleasing

Installation and leveling

Installing and leveling your mulch properly is crucial to promoting healthy plant growth and creating a beautiful and well-maintained landscape. At Deaton Turf Management, our experienced team takes great care to ensure that your mulch is installed and leveled to the appropriate depth for your specific needs.

We will first prepare the site by removing any debris and weeds and evaluating the slope and drainage of the area. We will then distribute the mulch evenly throughout your landscape and level it to the proper depth. By properly installing and leveling your mulch, we can help to create a healthy and beautiful yard that you can enjoy for years to come.

We Deliver The Best

Mulch Installation Near Me

Mulch installation is an essential component of maintaining a healthy and visually appealing yard. We provide top-of-the-line mulch installation services that offer a variety of benefits for your property. Our team of experts is highly experienced and trained in selecting the best type of mulch for your specific landscape needs. Our mulch is prepared to the highest standard and quality, ensuring that it provides the maximum benefit to your plants and soil. Mulch helps to conserve moisture in the soil, prevents soil erosion, and promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Additionally, our mulch helps to suppress weed growth, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming weed removal. We ensure that the mulch is evenly distributed and leveled to the appropriate depth, creating a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our team works quickly and efficiently to minimize any disruption to your daily routine. Don’t wait to enhance the beauty and health of your property. Our mulch installation services are competitively priced and are a smart investment for any property owner.

Reduces water loss from soil.

Provides a more even soil temperature.

Helps control soil compaction.

Improves soil structure and fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the mulch attract pests or insects to my property?

Properly installed and maintained mulch should not attract pests or insects. Our team will ensure that the mulch is properly installed and not too close to the base of plants, which can create a haven for insects.

How long will it take to install the mulch?

The amount of time needed to install mulch depends on the size of the property and the amount of mulch needed. Our team can provide an estimate of the installation timeline as part of the initial consultation.

How much mulch do I need for my property?

Our team can provide a free estimate of the amount of mulch needed based on the size of your property and the desired depth of the mulch.

How do I know if I need new mulch?

A good rule of thumb is to add new mulch every 1-2 years, or when the existing mulch has become compacted or decomposed.

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